What I do

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Situation Audit + Growth Plan

Together, we:
--Quickly home in on the issues that are putting a brake on your growth using analysis, interview, and signature research-based assessment tool.
--Align the leadership team on priorities and potential solutions.
--Decide on the highest-impact issues to focus on.
--Help you juggle the moving parts of growing while doing business.
--Structure a growth plan to address your A+ issues and sequence solution initiatives.

Delivery + Implementation Support

Together, we:
--Manage and de-risk implementation of the growth plan.
--Define roles and set milestone, accountability and success metrics.
--Improve and embed process improvements to meet growth objectives sustainably and iteratively.
--Identify and engage subject-matter experts needed to fill key functional gaps, either interim or new talent hires.

Team Facilitation + Training

Together, we:
--Get aligned on growth plan goals and initiatives.
--Build expertise, organizational skills and capacity to effectively implement initiatives.
--Enhance clear, cross-function communication on individual roles, responsibilities, and targets.
--Explore issues, identify solutions and design pragmatic plans that will keep the growth agenda moving forward.

Crisis Coaching + CEO Advisory

Working together, we:
--Navigate issues such as change management, relationship challenges, risk-assessment, or strategic planning.
--Manage leadership and team crises when they come up.
--Make sure you're focused on what you need to do to keep your growth plan on track and moving forward.

What you can expect...
​- Help to prioritize what you need, when you need it, and a game plan to accelerate EBITDA growth.

- Access to an extensive talent network to fill key expertise gaps and bring you the right resources to implement your growth goals.

- Discipline and timeline clarity to execute the initiatives that will move your growth agenda forward quickly and efficiently.

- Confidence that you'll achieve the results you want over the next 12 - 18 months.

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