How to Ensure Your Organizational Culture Grows with Your Company
February 21, 2019
If you’re on your company’s leadership team, you know first-hand that the pandemic has shown how a sustained crisis adds urgency and weight to just about every decision you make. These tough economic times bring into focus flaws and gaps that were tolerable and even unnoticed in “easier” times – but not any longer.
Davos Man Needs A Rethink
February 21, 2019
Among the many people handing out opinions about life after this year’s multiple emergencies are those predicting the end of globalization. The chaos of the last six months, they argue, will throw globalization into reverse. Goodbye to the free movement of goods and people and ideas.In moments of crisis predictions about the future are seldom accurate. But it’s safe to say Davos Man, the creature of globalization, isn’t going anywhere.
Conditions for a Better Capitalism
February 21, 2019
Our pandemic has revealed the desire of nearly all of us for a shared sense of mission, a better version of ourselves. Put another way, it has accelerated a reckoning with our broken systems that has been on its way for a long time.
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