The Profitable Growth Index™ helps you answer the question.

The Profitable Growth Index (PGI) is a Self-assessment that helps you assess how ready your company is to acheive not just growth but profitable growth. Think of it as an early radar system to highlight potential growth pitfalls as well as the strengths you can dependably build upon to reach your EBITDA growth targets.
The Profitable Growth Index Self-assessment is a 16-question self-diagnostic that takes 10 minutes to complete and evaluates your:Market Readiness – your ability to accelerate your market traction O2 (Ops + Org) Readiness – your ability to grow your bottome line as well as your top line 

And it's free.

Team PGI Factor Maps show how aligned the team is on Proftable Growth strengths and weaknesses

PGI Peer Comparison Factor Maps show how you stack up against peer companies

The PGI Heat Map highlights how ready you are to sustain your profitable growth trajectory

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Profitable Growth Index Self-assessment?
The PGI Self-assessment has 16 questions and typically take less than 10 minutes to complete.

What if I want others on my team to take the PGI Self-assessment too?
Great! Understanding how others in your company think things are going is one of the key features of the PGI. You may share the survey link with up to 4 additional members of your company’s  team at no charge. If you'd like to have more than 4 team members take the PGI, just reach out to us.

What if team members want their responses to remain confidential?
We understand that the PGI explores issues that may be sensitive within your company. To ensure everyone provides candid answers, all responses remain anonymous

How do you ensure data security?
We take data security very seriously.
The survey platform we are using (Survey Anyplace) encrypts all survey data in transit, at rest (on the server), and on all backups.

Growth companies typically confront two major obstacles to sustaining revenue momentum:

(1) Market Growth - accelerating market success beyond enthusiastic early adopters often requires new market strategies + tactics.

(2) Scaling the Organization - a rapid increase in sales is accompanied by the related challenge of building the operational, organizational and behavioral foundation to sustain an increasingly complex company.

The concept for the Growth Readiness Predictor (SM) emerged from sessions that Michael Eckhardt of the Chasm Institute (Crossing the Chasm) and Andrew Green of Broad Reach Growth have been conducting entitled The Two Challenges All Growth Companies Face.

This project builds on the first-hand experience of both Eckhardt and Green with over 200 growth companies, as well as the significant amount of academic research that has been conducted on rapidly growing companies.  One of the early studies, "Stumblers and stars in the management of rapid growth" by Hambrick and Crozier set the foundation for investigations into why so many "Gazelles" falter and fail.  "Gazelles" are companies with 4-year revenue c.a.g.r.'s (compounded annual growth rate) of 20% or more, typically with sales between $5M-$50M and less than 500 employees.

Using a set of proprietary indices that reflect growth "best practices" developed by the Chasm Institute and BRG, the GRP study investigates the relationship between a company's combined and individual index scores and a set of value-based metrics, e.g., profitability, top-line growth, etc.  As a conceptual framework, the PGI study seeks to develop insight into how companies in each of the four quadrants of Figure 1 are performing on a series of financial and value creation dimensions.

All participants in the study will receive:

--Summary Report that details the study’s overall findings, insights into best practices and best practice benchmarks.

--Confidential Report option that allows responding companies to compare their company’s specific results to peer benchmarks.

How long is the survey and what kind of information is needed?

The survey consists of 16 questions and takes approximately 8 - 10 minutes to complete.  Information on your company’s revenue and profit margin is also requested as part of the study.

If you would like to include additional responses from company colleagues, you may share the survey link with up to 4 additional members of your company’s leadership team. If you choose to receive a Confidential Report, both your company’s average score and the range of responses for each question will be identified. Individual responses will remain anonymous.

How do you ensure confidentiality and data security?

We appreciate the sensitivity of the information you will be asked to provide in this study – we take data confidentiality and data security very seriously.

Steps to ensure confidentiality and security:

  • All responses will be analyzed and reported on an aggregated and anonymized basis only.
  • Only if you choose the option to receive your company’s Confidential Report will your individual results be used to be compared to survey benchmarks to be shared only with you.
  • The survey platform we are using (Survey Anyplace) encrypts all survey data in transit, at rest (on the server), and on all backups.